Monday, November 12, 2007

Amazing Race 12, Ep. 2

This season rocks.
First we get passive-aggressive donkeys last week, and then we get game-show style pole-vaulting? And next week we get uncooperative camels? I love this show!

Good God, Ronald has proved himself to be an unmitigated douchebag in an astonishingly short time. He must have set some sort of record.
Why on earth did he take on Nicholas at the airport and berate him for being rude? Who made him the Etiquette Police?
His daughter is a saint. After the waffling and the blaming and the “constructive criticism” and the “you’ve disappointed me” and then the crack about her weight?? If he’d have pulled any of that shit on me I’d have been sorely tempted to take that pole and beat him to death with it, and then dump him in the muddy ditch and say “there, is that decisive enough for you?”.
Remember when she said last week that she wanted to get to know him “in the time he has left”? That’s because she’s going to kill him.
Perhaps in the 12 hours they have to “rest, sleep, mingle” in Amsterdam Rachel and TK can take him out to a nice hash bar and mellow him out a bit.

Kynt and Vyxin are the perkiest Goths I think I’ve ever seen. I’m impressed with the way they handle themselves and each other. And a guy that claims that he’s a “bit prissy” and a girl that admits to macramé? I’m starting to like them very much. Oh, and I was totally thinking of cartoon hi-jinks when they were hauling that furniture up in the air. Too bad they didn’t have a safe or a piano.

If I never see Grampa in his banana hammock all covered in mud, it will be just fine with me. Kudos to him for taking it on and doing it and keeping at it without any whining. Why on earth didn’t the grandson volunteer? It’s not like the clue was ambiguious or anything….the word “acrobat” might have alerted you to the fact that your grandfather might not be the best choice here.

The Bleachmongers are proving to be surprising adept, even if they do keep harping on about how tiny and skinny and girly they are. I loved when Twig #1 had her first attempt at the pole vault and promptly catapulted herself up to her eyebrows in mud and the judge calmly declared “No good!”, like it might have been unclear as to whether she made it or not.
One of my Favorite Lines of the Night came from one of the Twigs (which I cannot tell apart): Driver Twig says something about not being able to keep the brights on in the car without holding down the lever and says “is there a way to do this, or am I being and idiot?”, and Passenger Twig calmly remarks “She asks that question a lot”.

Okay, Jennifer, you can stop calling every other woman who is competing just as hard as you are, bitches. And? You are rather bitchy yourself. She strikes me as the kind of woman that dislikes other women, because they ALL might do something better than her, and then tempt her boyfriend to cheat on her.

Favourite Line of the Night: When Kynt is eyeing up the Roadblock and seeing poles and ditches and such and murmurs “I think it has something to do with the sheep”. Whaaaat?

Favourite Shot of the Night: TK and Rachel pedaling past the bike drop off past a clearly bemused Phil.

Oh, Pat and Kate, I’m so sorry to see you gone. I loved the Married Lesbian Ministers, if only because that moniker never gets old. Plus, they are the first non-annoying self-proclaimed Christians, who also vocalized a sentiment that I have, for so long, bellowed at my television throughout many a reality show: God does not care a fig who wins this or any other contest. And, I really loved that you did not use this experience to “test” your relationship. I think you know you’re doing just fine.
By the way, can anyone tell me why the producers/Phil/ the cameramen decided to frame the shot of everyone on the Amazing Bathmat with a bra and panty set flapping away on the clothesline behind them?

Next week: If the previews are any indication, I think Lorena may be the new Flo.

Until next week!

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