Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'll Write The Songs!

Forget Dalton McGuinty's newest stat, "Family Day", I'm way more interested in Live Like A Cat Day.

Just think of it, you could spend all day sleeping, eating and looking out the window plotting to maim beings smaller than yourself.
Then, when that got tiring, you could eat some more and have a nap. Of course, the constant grooming might get a bit tedious, but that would be off-set by the stretching and the yowling whenever you felt like it and, of course, the yawning so big that your head is in danger of falling right off backwards onto the floor.
You could take over every comfortable surface in the house. And, if someone else was already occupying that place, you could just go and sit right on top of them.
If someone in your family is doing something interesting, you can feel free to go lay down right smack dab in the middle of it. I'm sure they would enjoy your presence, as well as your valuable input, especially if they are doing some sort of needlework or scrapbooking.
You must, however, occasionally remember to only eat half of something, and then leave the rest of it laying around for someone to step on in their bare feet. (Barfing in the corner is optional.)
Also, in order to show your family how mucy you love them, you should spend a bit of your day walking back and forth in front of the computer screen when somebody is typing.
If the phone rings, you can completely ignore it!
We could have songs and cards and presents! It would be awesome.

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